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App won't open

I have an iPhone 6. The app tries to open, then crashes before it's fully loaded.

app crashes

The app crashes on my iPhone 6s.

Does not work

Choose a city, press done. App thinks a little, but never moves on to be able to report.

Bedford, TX is not included in the City List

Please add Bedford, Tx

Nothing but Good...!!!

I've used PublicStuff under the "DaytonDelivers" app, and everything seems to get noticed, looked at by city officials and handed in a very short period of time. Uploading a photo of the issue is a cool idea too. My last request in Dayton, Ohio got handled in two days!!! That's what I call service👍

Crash crash crash

App just crashed repeated. Tried uninstalling and re-installing but issue persists

More categories

Add a "watering Violation" category for city of Plano in this app. When I select this category, then select a Plano address I receive a prompt for "is this request for Collin county" I say no and it takes me back to the category page and there is no watering category then I pick "other" and it changes the address to a Plano address across town instead of the one I picked before. If I say yes it submits the request to Collin county. Are these going to the same place? The address I'm trying to point to is west Plano near park and jubilee in Plano. Please add the category and fix the location detection in this app. It's not initiative and is a poor user experience.

It's like magic!

Love the new design, it's faster and even easier to use. I don't need to worry about who to call or what to do when I need to get in touch with my city. The app lays out all the info I need and puts me in touch with the city ASAP. It's so easy! Never leave home without PublicStuff!!

Unlabeled buttons

None of the buttons on the main screen have text labels, thus making this app unusable for persons who cannot see the screen i hope that there is a list option, for those of us who cannot see a map.

Best app ever.

Best app ever. The developers are awesome!!


You have to create an account to see if your city is supported. But - the process of even creating an account wouldn't work. A waste of time.

App never loads

I registered on their website and login issue for my local community. So then I came to the app store and downloaded the mobile app. After downloading I attempted to launch the app, and it just says loading with the spinner. After three minutes of it just saying loading I used the task manager to end the app and tried again. It just never finishes loading. This app is worthless! Do not download!

Incredibly useful to improve the community

The recent speed and stability improvements have really helped make this app the ultimate community tool. The app makes it a breeze to notify city officials of the issues I come across and communicate with them.

Slow and Painful

I find this app to be *extremely* slow and lag when navigating and performing functions. It appears to have to load lots of external content which takes lots of time. Sometimes there is no indication that the app is even doing anything in the background. I think the front-facing PublicStuff side of the app is nice and pretty, but the once you get into a city (NYC, in my case), the design is less appealing and everything is just ‘average’.

Horrible App!!

This app doesn't work! It's extremely slow, error prone, and crashes often. Totally useless.

Failed updating API key? FB integration

Looks like a good app, however the FB integration is giving an error each time I open the app. Needs an update to squash this bug.

Not even worth to use

I downloaded the app with the hope to report a black water leak near our neighborhood. When i downloaded the app, after asking for the location, the app just don't show any options, just the annoying orange screen. I have installed iOS 6.1.2 in my iPad 2 and it should work, but it doesn't! So, if you want to do a report for your municipality, make a favor to yourself and avoid this app, use the website or look for another municipality tool that can help you.

Very useful

Great app! I reported something and it was fixed right away!


What an innovative way to let governments know of problems in your community. Every city should have this!

So easy and relevant

Love the at your fingertips accesiblity and letting me clean up my community!

Best app

Definitely one of the apps everyone should have. You can report anything, anywhere and always get a response. Pretty awesome!

A great app!

This app is user friendly and a great add. I enjoyed the ease while submitting requests.

Nice updates

I've had this app and just got the updates which are awesome! When will this be available in the international market? Can't wait for more updates!


Claims to do what other apps actually do.

Missing streets

At times this app cannot find or even allow me to type in certain addresses.

Thanks PublicStuff!

The building next-door has been piling trash outside my 1st floor window for months. I complained and complained on the phone, but nothing ever got done! My friend told me about PublicSuff and with the app I was easily able to report the issue... and guess what? The city finally took care of it! Thanks PublicStuff for the best goddamn summer of my life!

Best app ever

This app has changed my life. I now can report public annoyances in a systematic way. Good stuff!

I love this app

I love this app. I finally got the bar across the street to quiet down by reporting them through publicstuff. I can finally sleep at night!

Great idea

Great way to report local problems in the community


This app is awesome.

Fantastic App!

A great idea and a great interface!

Super helpful for communicating with your city

I hate being on the phone forever when trying to reach the right person in my city to fix or report a problem. With the app, I can simplify the whole process by just entering some info about it and a photo and it does the rest. Plus, I get updates from the city when the issue is being fixed or resolved! Great idea!

Awesome app

It was easy to use, and I loved that I can upload a photo of the problem. They also give you updates so you don't have to constantly wonder when the problems going to be fixed.

Super Fast & Reliable

I had a pothole on the corner of my street and I took a pic and submitted via my iPhone, got a notification and #, and it was fixed 2 days later and I got updates until it was completed


This is awesome! Very comprehensive!


This app is so incredible I want to have it's babies!!!!


So useful! I can't believe no one came up with this before! Use it all the time. Highly recommended.

Good app to have

Glad I downloaded this. It's def a good app to have on hand when I see something that needs to be fixed.

Awesome application!

I am always looking for new ways to make our communities better and this tool seems like a great start. I just submitted a broken street sign while standing next to it, which is pretty awesome. I highly recommend this application- it's free and easy to use!

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